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Travelling to Valvori

Valvori Map

On this page you can find maps of the Location of Valvori and the differend ways of travelling there.

By Air
Capo Di Chino (Naples) is the closest international airport and about an hours drive away. An added bonus of travelling via Naples is the chance to glimpse Valvori from the air as the flight path passes very near to Valvori about 15 minuets before landing. Travelling from England you need to sit on the left hand side of the plane as the flight path follows the autostrada A1 and will give an excellent view of Montecassino and Valvori. Travelling from further East such as Skippol, Amsterdam you would need a right hand side window seat as the plane approaches Valvori from the East coast and flyes over the area giving a stunning view of Valvori, Vallerotonda, Cerreto, Cassino and the Liri valley.
Ciampino (Rome) The most convinient Roman airport and is located to the south of Rome.
Leornardo Da Vinci (Rome). This huge international airport has excellent facilities but is the most inconvinient to get to as it is to the West of Rome on the coast near Ostia and often requires over 2 hours travel by car.
International Airport of Abruzzo (Pescara). Not as convinient as the big 3 airports, this smaller regional airport is sometimes used by returning Valvorese. Located in Pescara on the East coast of Italy travel to Valvori from here is best done by car along the A25 as far as Avezzano then along the Superstrada via Sora and Atina to Sant'Elia.

By Rail
Cassino is a main line station and trains run regularly and without delays. The line North runs to Rome's Termini station and the line South runs to Naples.

By Road
Reaching the area by car is very easy since the primary Italian autostrada that runs most of the length of the country, the A1, has an exit at Cassino.

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