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Virtual Valvori News

These pages attempt to explain a little about this site and even less about the webmaster. Read on...

Want to know a bit about who I am? Look no further...
This section provides information on the various technologies used in the creation of Virtual Valvori with some suggestions regarding browser compatibility with this site.

Virtual Valvori Updates

Only the larger updates will be mentioned here
12.07.2004:Virtual Valvori celebrates it's 6th birthday.
03.07.2004:Added the WebCam to the Luca Di Mascio page.
21.06.2004:The Forum is now online... A first for VirtualValvori.
07.06.2004:Added basic film info to the Music Film and TV page.
05.06.2004:The guestbook has now been completely updated with the "lost" messages from the very first guestbook dating from 1998 through to 2000.
03.06.2004:The new guestbook has been updated with all the entries from the previous guestbook
01.06.2004:Major update to Music pages with 3 acts (Stoned, Roses Trio and Little Tony) now featured on individual pages.
21.05.2004:Virtual Valvori version 4 finally goes live and the many updates begin.
07.05.2004:Final testing begins with many changes to the layout.
18.01.2004:Virtual Valvori v.4 design process commences.

Photograph Information

Unless indicated all photographs used in this site are Copyright Luca Di Mascio or are a part of the Luca Di Mascio Collection and may not be reproduced or altered in any way without permission.

The Luca Di Mascio Collection is an archive of photographs and documents dating mostly from the 19th centuray through to the present from many countries in Europe, Russia and America. Copyright of all unique images in this archive is held by Luca Di Mascio. In the case of original images from other collections permission has been requsted and granted before the use of these images in the site. Where no copyright information is available for original images over 50 years old said photographs are treated as being unique and Copyright of Luca Di Mascio. If you can prove otherwise then photographs will be removed or credit for the photographs will be given to you or in the case of an institution, your collection.
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