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Other Valvori Sites and Interesting Links


Three categories of site are included in the Virtual Valvori links page.
1, Sites that are actually dedicated to Valvori itself that are generally created by people with strong Ties to Valvori.

2, A general selection of Italian sites associated with the region around Valvori. This section includes tourist sites as well as sites aimed at the general population.

3, Sites that do not fit into the previous sections and that are not necessarily associated with Valvori or Italy.

The links are checked regularly to ensure the sites are still online.

Valvori Related

Valvori Online
Nice little site by Simone Di Mascio with a good virtual tour of Valvori.
Endless Bob
Sample Bob's unique perspective on Valvori.
Currently just the home page.
Valvori City
Oliviero Fella's website.

Currently offline

Other Italian Sites

Valleluce... A place prescribed by doctors to people who suffer from stress and need some relaxation.
Large site with much information about the area and good photo galleries.
Site devoted to the town nearest to Valvori. Has a wealth of local information.
Official site of the stunning Benadictine Abbey of Montecassino.
Cassino 2000
Official site of the city of Cassino. A huge and professional site catering for the local population.
Abruzzo National Park
Visit the beauty and spleandour of this park in the official website.
Cassino Webcam
On the Officine Informatiche website. Located on the corner of via Arigni/Corso della Repubblica.
Gustav Line
Coming soonish...
Ciociaria Tourism
Tourism based site showing Ciociaria at its best.
Little Tony
Little Tony's official home page. Read everything you ever wanted to know about Tony in his web site.
The town of Picinisco, in 1919 home of D.H. Lawrence where he started to write The Lost Girl.
Appledields Landscaping Ltd
One of Valvori's summer residents, Mark Taylor will come and do your garden if you give him a ring...


Royal Photographic Society - Yorkshire Region
The Yorkshire regional web site of the Royal Photographic Society.
Simon's MGBGT Site
Read about Simon's passion... a 1973 MGB-GT car with photos by, erm, Luca Di Mascio.
Robertsons Imaging
A photographic retailer in Bradford. Supplier of much of the gear used to create the images for this site!
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