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Meg Rossi |
For Robert Gallone: Wow i've found a relative!! I didn't expect that 2 happen!! because we live in NZ now Grandad Loui and Grandma Anne r coming over to live in i'll will try 2 get u back in touch.haha im excited now!! Ciao for now!
Sunday 9 April 2006 03:59 GMT - New Zealand

bob mobed |
hi most people living in valvori will know adriano and dorina gallo.this is a good friend of theres my name is bob my wife is sheila and my son is remi who some of you may know.if any one can get a message to adriano it would be great.a good friend of ours a man called adolf (the pole) fought in the battle at monte cassino died last night march 31 2006.i myself only just got back after a 5 month trip to india.thailand.and here of this sad news if some one can pass this message to adriano it would be great thanks
Friday 31 March 2006 16:20 GMT - coventry england

robert gallone |
hi meg. what a pleasant surprise! surf the internet i 've come across your request. i'm your grandad's first cousin.i've lost contact with every relative here and in valvori. so it's good to be able to re-establish to once more. ciao for now. robert great uncle
Friday 17 March 2006 17:25 GMT - hitchin england

Mr Anti - Di Mascio
And what justification do you have for calling the Di Mascios the most prestigious family in Valvori???????
Wednesday 15 March 2006 09:34 GMT

Antonella Fella |
I just wanted to take the opportunity to say hello to all my friends and my wonderful English students. Hugs and kisses xxxxxx
Saturday 25 February 2006 09:29 GMT - Valvori

Marina Wood nee Gallone |
Big Hello to Andrea Chambers, Chris Rossi and families. Hope you are all enjoying your new lives in New Zealand. Have a great trip back to Valvori. Hope to see you all again sometime. Love from us all, Gallone family
Friday 10 February 2006 21:23 GMT - Redcar, Yorkshire

Tuesday 17 January 2006 20:31 GMT - BEDFORDSHIRE.UK

Andrea Chambers nee Rossi |
Hello Albert Gallone, say hello to auntie Pia, Marina and Paul for me. Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye before leaving for New Zealand. We hope this year to visit Valvori and see last of relatives with Mum and Dad. Keep in touch. Andrea
Friday 13 January 2006 09:22 GMT - New Zealand

Alberto Gallone |
For Meg Rossi, Ciao Meg say hello to your dad and grandad and grandma, merry Xmas and happy new year from everyone here, Auntie Pia And all the Gallone family. XXXXX
Tuesday 13 December 2005 18:34 GMT - Redcar, Yorkshire

joseph lambe |
My great great grandfather was called pacifico gallone, I believe he was very famous and was once the Mayor of our village in the 1850's.My mother was Filomena Gallone from Glasgow. We are related to the fellas in Sunderland, and the Neri's in Bristol an dCardiff.
Friday 9 December 2005 14:41 GMT - Paisley,Scotland

Terris Fella |
I'm looking for the email address of Michael Jaconelli, somewhere in the north of England, son of Gemma Jaconelli(nee Notarianni). His house, in Valvori has a palm tree in front of it, and is located behind the old school (now the policeman's office). Please let me know someone.
Sunday 13 November 2005 23:57 GMT - phoenix, AZ USA

Paulo |
This Ilario Di Mascio sensation is incredible - has everyone seen the story - apparently there is another similar story about to break and this involves his son
Sunday 13 November 2005 19:48 GMT - Valvori

Meg Rossi |
Ciao! My name is Meg Rossi and i'm 14yrs old! Im desperate 2 visit Valvori after all the stories my grandad has told me! My grandad is called Luigi Rossi and was the son of Francesca and Aleardo Rossi.He also had 2 sisters one was called Olympia i think and i can't remember the other. They then moved to North-East england(not sure when) and set up an ice-cream shop named 'Rossi's Ices'.If anyone knows anything about my family or has any information to share,i would b greatful if u would contact me.I'm trying to find out as much as i can about my Italian roots . Meg Rossi
Monday 31 October 2005 05:22 GMT - New Zealand(originally england)

terry fella |
hello all, see this site is still here... maybe time to add something new ???
Sunday 30 October 2005 09:10 GMT - england, sunderland

Verity Teresa Beacock (Di-Mascio) |
I used to holiday in Vavori as a little girl with my parents Romeo and Diane Di-Mascio. My parents still visit and stay in the Di-Mascio home with my brother Christoper Di-Mascio. I have 3 children of my own, Bianca, Paolo and Marco. I also have 2 step children, Adam and Abbie with my husband Robert. Does anyone remember me? I would love to here from you and look forward to the day when I can come visit Valvori again.
Sunday, 16 October 2005 - England UK

Stéphanie hernandez |
Ciao a tutti!
quest'anno non potro venire a valvori!!!mi manca molto!
allora spendo un bacio a tutti e piu particolamente a naty, martina, linda, jessica,rita, tatiana, jessica,antonio, giuseppe, e tutti amici di mio fratello anthony!
se volete parlare un po via l'internet con me o mio fratello, non esitare
a presto!
Thursday 16 June 2005 10:06 GMT - FRANCE

James Keir |
Never having been to Valvori.. My interest in thar area was kindled BY members of the Vetesse family who lived in Great Yarmouth, England
Sunday 12 June 2005 17:08 GMT - Maybole, Scotland

michelle rossi |
hi we will be visiting in july, we are comeing to see were our father manfredo rossi was born,any one remembers the rossi,s email me love to talk to you
Friday 1 April 2005 23:35 GMT - england

antonella fella |
Hello to everyone and compliments for the website on our beautiful village.
Happy Easter and take care.
Saturday 19 March 2005 10:58 GMT - valvori

i see that people have not yet had enough of me, so could you be so kind as to inform me the reason for which i should shoot myself,

Monday 14 March 2005 09:52 GMT - Saint Germain, Paris

Bruno Verrecchia |
I am Bruno son of Vinicio Verrecchia.
My grandfather was Eugenio son of Gerardo Verrecchia.
Does anyone know anything about Gerardo, his family, his ancestors?
Wednesday 30 June 2004 21:20 GMT - Genova

Sergio Vettese |
This really is an excellent site, well put together. Well done! Makes me wish I was back there.
Thursday 24 June 2004 17:25 GMT - Lowestoft

Mai ouis Msr Brown, c'est merd c'á
Tuesday 15 June 2004 22:56 GMT

I am allowed to start swearing and cussing ethnics like everyone does on endless?
Tuesday 15 June 2004 22:51 GMT - Battersea

Webmaster comments   Endlessbob is a unique creation of art and beauty. Please do not try to recreate such depravity here. That is what endlessbob is for.

Luca Di Mascio - Webmaster
It's a new site and a new guestbook for Virtual Valvori. The messages below this one are from the two older guestbooks and relate to previous versions of the site.
Friday 21 May 2004 13:22 GMT - England

amanda |
hi! my last name is this is really cool to find other dimascio's haha, i live in kentucky, but my father is from the buffalo new york area...
Thursday 06 May 2004 14:21

dino |
this whole web site is one big pile of boy butter
Tuesday 4 May 2004 18:13 GMT

Victor DiMascio |
Hi, I wonder if we are related. My father's father came to America from a town outside Rome. He had twelve brothers and they split up the family farm between them. Some sold their land and moved to america. Does this sound familiar? Thank you Victor
Monday 26 April 2004 17:41 GMT

alexandra de bruyn |
Well done on updating the site,can`t wait to visit again,it`s so beautiful.Hi to my cousins and my uncle Romano,hope you guys are all well xxxxxx
Thursday 15 April 2004 09:41 GMT

Nico DI.Mascio |
Just wanted to say hello to nonna,olga,anna,lara and everyone and let you know that we all miss you very much and are looking forward to hopefully seeing you all again soon.Lots of love Nico,Marco,Liana.xxxxxxxxxx.Hope you had a lovely easter.
Monday 12 April 2004 13:13 GMT

jessica may howells |
This is a message to Elisa Di.Mascio and family. Hello Nonna i really miss you all I hope i see you soon lots and lots of love jessie and louis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Saturday 27 March 2004 16:52 GMT

marisa fella |
My father stays in Valvori with my grandfather and i was just having a wee look through this web page.Its very interesting.
Thursday 15 January 2004 12:59 GMT

Monkey Killer |
Everything in San Giuseppe is spooky now since that monkey died!
Sunday 11 January 2004 21:58 GMT

Remo Rossi |
How are things in San Giuseppe?
Sunday 14 December 2003 18:22 GMT

Jan Scholte |
Just having a look in. My friend sergio dimeo told me he comes from here. had a taste of dimeo traditional wine, it was nice. hello all Jan from england:-)
Thursday 13 November 2003 22:27 GMT

Luca Gallone |
Grande Valvori!e comunque l'ho scoperto per caso 'sto sito...Ah, Salutatemi Isidoro!!Ciauz.
Friday 31October 2003 01:44 GMT

Teresa Rossi |
My Dad (Aristeo Rossi)was born Valvori so I found this site very interesting. I can remember him telling me about building the road to the village. He came to England with his family and settled in Hounslow where they started a business making ice cream. As a child he used to take me to Southend to see my "uncles and aunties" and I can still picture the big ice cream cone out on the pavement! Sadly Dad died in 2001 which made me curious about my family roots, but as he was the last surviving member it has been very difficult to find anything out. Hence my pleasure at finding this site.
Tuesday 28 October 2003 20:04 GMT

Lisa Gallone |
Hello everyone!
Wednesday 24 September 2003 22:57 GMT

The Monk |
Whores the lot of you!
Thursday 7 August 2003 00:33 GMT

Melissa |
This website sucks. There are no pictures of my shoes. . .
Tuesday 29 July 2003 13:52 GMT

Monica Di Meo and Valentina Fella |
hi every 1 hope 2 c u soon
Sunday 20 July 2003 20:48 GMT

barbara |
ho apprezzato molto qs. sito, a da molto tempo che non vado a Valvori, loco dove ho trascorso la mia infanzia...grazie di cuore!!!
Thursday 15 May 2003 19:54 GMT

Oliviero Fella |
new valvori site ;-)
Wednesday 23 April 2003 19:12 GMT

salera |
è molto meglio vallerotonda!!!
Saturday 19 April 2003 11:00 GMT

Alberto Gallone |
Jim Blinks if you wish to know about Benito Gallone, you can contact me if you wish, I may be able to help you.
Sunday 6 April 2003 18:56 GMT

gino |
hello luca. cool dood eh. really looking forward to seeing you at christmas. had a really good time with you at christmas.
Wednesday 2 April 2003 00:42 GMT

Simone |
This is just to let everybody know that "Valvori on-line" is finally back and improved after many months. Please go check it out:
Saturday 29 March 2002 21:06 GMT

Gareth Howells |
Hello.I'm Alison Howells/Di.Mascio's husband.I was wondering if anyone fron the family belonged to an "instant messenger" like MSN or ICQ? We'd love to hear from you all Lots of love,Gareth.
Saturday 29 March 2002 00:01 GMT

Patricia Rossi- Volante. |
Great to discover this site. I have spent many happy holidays in Valvori.My family are descendents of Francesco Rossi and Eleanora Volante. Their daughter Anna Rossi married Massimiliano Rossi from Vallerotonda. They eventually set up the Rossi ice-cream business in Southend-on-Sea, where most of their descendents live today. Does anyone know who Amando and Pasquale Rossi were? From an old document I have, I think they might be Francesco's generation, maybe his brothers?.
Thursday 27 March 2003 23:02 GMT

CoolflamE |
il paese delle meraviglie?!?!
Thursday 20 March 2003 16:24 GMT

alessio |
Valvori e' il paese delle meraviglie
Sunday 16 March 2003 19:38 GMT

Alison Howells/Di.Mascio |
Hello to everyone in Valvori,and to all of our relations, we love and miss you all, it would be great to hear from you now we have an e-mail address. Gareth, Jessica and Louis say hello, see you soon and lots of love. xxxx
Saturday 15 March 2003 20:08 GMT

remi mobed |
hi spent some great holidays with my good friends adriano dorina lianna and manuella gallo in the summer of 1995 1996 and just to say what a beautiful place valvori is see you soon regards remi
Wednesday 19 February 2003 17:48 GMT

francois pacitto |
bravissimo per il sito sono di sant elia fiumerapido e mi fa molto piacere di vedere fotos di questo bellissimo paese saluti a tutti
Monday 10 February 2003 22:48 GMT

francois pacitto |
Monday 10 February 2003 22:44 GMT

Giorgio |
Complimenti per il sito segnalatoci dal vostro cittadini onorario commendatore Aurelio Gallone, ns. esimio collega. Presto verremo a visitare questi luoghi incantevoli. Questo paese sembra essere sempre baciato dal sole come ci riferisce il nostro grande Gallone.
Friday 17 January 2003 13:46 GMT

Di Mascio Giovanni |
Sono di Cardito, quando ho visto le immagine mi sono riccordato un po del paese mio perchè vivo in belgio. Volevo salutare tutti i ciocciari. Ciao siamo forti
Friday 13 December 2002 23:19 GMT

░«Jim Blinks»░ ☺ |
Mr Shtookakz, do you find it difficult feeling your way....[OUCH, MY SHIN!]...around here? They must[WHOOPS!]...have forgotten to pay their electric bill. Anyone have a flashlight...or a candle....or a match? I have to be very careful because Mullah Omar may be lurking around in here. Hell with this! I think I will go back to that EndlessBob place. Ta ta!
Wednesday 4 December 2002 23:51 GMT

R.Gallone a.k.a Shtookatz |
I don't honestly rememmber sending those earlier e-mails on the 15 sept.But then when you get to my age!!It seems very dark in here...
Thursday 28 November 2002 23:41 GMT

Mullah Omar |
I am now back to torment and critisize people with my foul tongue
Wednesday 13 November 2002 15:08 GMT

®©Oliviero WebMaster®© |
Bel sito,veramente.Spero che pensi lo stesso del mio.. :-)) BYEZZZZZ
Tuesday 5 November 2002 17:20 GMT

▓░«Jim Blinks»░▓ |
To Alessandro and Claudia Gallone. Greetings ♫ ♫ = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I would be interested to know if Benito Gallone is still living in Valvori. He is one of my close relatives and having gone to school together. Since you go by the name Gallone, also, you may know 'Benny', as we used to call him in the old days. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you ....e Salute! ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
Thursday 17 October 2002 01:06 GMT

Alessandro Gallone |
I did too regards to Bene & Aggy's cat.
Saturday 12 October 2002 16:56 GMT

Claudia Gallone |
Had a great time in Valvori in September regards and thanks to Bene & Aggy.
Saturday 12 October 2002 16:53 GMT

▓░«Jim Blinks»░▓ ☺ |
♦♦The other Valvori Site seems to get worse each day!! Filth....filth....filth...and more filth! ♦♦♦♦ It needs to be CLEANED UP!!!!
Saturday 12 October 2002 00:52 GMT

Luca |
Everybody is probably too busy posting filth in the Endless Bob guestbook.
Friday 11 October 2002 19:57 GMT

▓░«Jim Blinks»░▓☺ |
Sorry about that! I didn't mean to repeat myself. Just one of those computer gliches ...... or possibly something to do with this 'spooky' site! Sincerely, James Blinks
Friday 11 October 2002 01:01 GMT

▓░«Jim Blinks»░▓☺ ▓░«Jim Blinks»░▓☺ ▓░«Jim Blinks»░▓☺ |
Where is everybody?....I repeat...Where is everybody? The last message posted here was on the 15 Sep. by my brother and nothing since. Could it be that this place is contaminated with some toxic substance! Let's get rolling folks and get this miserable show on the road!
Friday 11 October 2002 00:53 GMT

r.gallone |
very stimulating. brings back lots of memories.
Sunday 15 September 2002 16:42 GMT

Marco Camilleri |
Hi everybody. Its me again. Luca I love you and cant wait to see you in Valvori innit!
Thursday 18 July 2002 20:46 GMT

a.fella |
Hi Luca Carry on with Valvori on line We love it.
Wednesday 17 July 2002 22:47 GMT

Jim Blinks |
Fascinating place! These individuals here are even more fascinating! Y A W N ........ZZZZzzzzz
Thursday 11 July 2002 08:11 GMT

Jim Blinks |
To: The Observer of What? Voids? Empty Spaces? Ceilings? Fog? A shrink might possibly be able to correct your problem!
Thursday 11 July 2002 08:02 GMT

Marco Camilleri |
I love Valvori and I love everyone in Valvori.
Tuesday 9 July 2002 20:30 GMT

Observer of things |
Jim Blinks you will never have any courtsey from the Hammersmith Hardmen! We are coming to get you!
Sunday 7 July 2002 11:49 GMT

Jim Blinks |
To: 'Mr.Observer of Things'. You obviously find me a bore because I do not indulge in crude and offensive language! My roots are here in Valvori and I am only interested in contacting some of my close friends and relatives. In future, I would appreciate a little courtesy, if it isn't too much to ask of you! Thanks.
Wednesday 3 July 2002 07:08 GMT

observer of things |
can anyone see any good reason why this very boring Jim Blinks character continues to sign this guest book? He should check out what is happening to him on the new valvori site at Be warned Jim Blinks that your reception there will be hostile!
Wednesday 3 July 2002 00:17 GMT

Jim Blinks |
****From Blinks to Blonks.**** Your vile taste suggests that you are a very unsavoury character. If you insist on posting here, please try not to contaminate this Guest Book.
Tuesday 2 July 2002 07:56 GMT

Jim Blinks |
This jerk who calls himself Jim Blonks is an imposter! Disregard anything he has to say. If he prefers foul language, then he should go where he can enjoy it. Disgusting!
Tuesday 2 July 2002 01:33 GMT

Jim Blonks |
This site is awful. I prefer where foul language is used!
Sunday 30 June 2002 21:02 GMT

Bridgine Verrecchia |
glad i found this site . if any one knows any one with the verrecchia please contact me as im trying to find my roots. thanks gino
Saturday 29 June 2002 13:53 GMT

Katiuscia Notarianni |
e' stato veramramente sorprendente trovare il paese,da tutti sconosciuto, dove sono cresciuti i miei antenati ed io ho trascorso le mie estati.bravissimi!!!rivoluzionamo Valvori facendolo conoscere e costruendoci qualche divertimento, in modo che più persone vi soggiornino. Magari ste estate ci si vede!!!Saluti a tutti:Luca Fabrizio Andrea Fella,Marco e Daniele Fella,DiMascio Danilo e moglie,Domenico e Kimoa,e chi+ne ha+ ne metta!!!!
Wednesday 26 June 2002 12:11 GMT

Marcello Di Mascio |
well done my friend, i am in Mexico at the moment and we have enjoyed looking at the site. If you can please put a photo of the boys it would be great, thanks Cello
Saturday 22 June 2002 09:27 GMT

Daniela Di Mascio |
Hi to everyone that remembers me. See you all in August
Friday 7 June 2002 16:14 GMT

Giuseppe Morelli |
Great job! Would like to see more pictures though. Saluti a tutte famiglia in Valvori e Sant'Elia Fiumerapido. Ciao
Monday 20 May 2002 21:34 GMT

Jim Blinks |
To Christina and Maria Rossi. I am curious to know if you are in any way related to the Rossi family who had their business operation in Southend, England. I am in some way connected to that family. Would appreciate a response. Thank you.
Monday 13 May 2002 01:22 GMT

Christina and Maria Rossi |
Christina (Tony Rossi's neice) and Maria Rossi (Tony's sister) say saluti a tutti! But, Luca, where are the pictures from last summer? Can't wait to see some newer pictures of Valvori on here. Speriamo di vederli tutti presto. -Christina and Maria
Sunday 12 May 2002 00:56 GMT

Terris Fella |
Iam very happy to have found this website
Monday 6 May 2002 21:35 GMT

Sonila |
I am so glad your to find ure website.E fantastico! I am studing Minguella's play "A little like drawning" about a valvoryian couple and moved to England and Irland. Is a great play and your website helped me have a better insite to your Valvori. Thanx.
Thursday 2 May 2002 23:35 GMT

Jim Blinks |
The riff raff on this site with their limited vocabulary and foul words should find something worthwhile and constructive to occupy their time.
Monday 29 April 2002 18:44 GMT

Benedetto D'Agostino | I include my website dedicated to the promotion of tourism in a yet undiscovered area of Italy for your review.
Saturday 27 April 2002 14:59 GMT

carlo di.mascio |
at last i've found this site and would love to hear from any friends or relations.
Thursday 25 April 2002 01:06 GMT

Mark & Michael dimambro |
hello from the dimambro family wehave fond memories of family holidays with the jaconelli's. Is the teddy bar still there!!! or did it run dry?
Sunday 14 April 2002 16:03 GMT

Oliviero Fella |
Bravo Luca... ottimo lavoro,ti prego di aggiungere altre foto anche perkè tra un pò ti farò un pò di concorrenza...!!! :-)
Sunday 7 April 2002 21:53 GMT

Dolores + the Maggiore Family |
Remembering happy times in Valvori in the Teddy Bar. Not a bad site could do with a bit more information and news for ex-pats.
Sunday 31 March 2002 19:52 GMT

Lara |
No need to update, because as usual nothing happens! See you soon, Lara.
Wednesday 27 March 2002 20:11 GMT

Claudia Gallone |
Looking forward to visiting again in September.
Saturday 2 March 2002 15:11 GMT

Francesca Vallone |
Complimenti per il lavoro e' stata una buona idea. Per favore inserite delle nuove immagini grazie ciao.
Sunday 10 February 2002 13:24 GMT

*** |
I don't get it, this is a far more civilised site than Valvori Online but nobody leaves their mark?
Sunday 27 January 2002 15:25 GMT

Alesandro Gallone |
Complimenti per il lavoro, non male. Logicamente da ampliare, quindi se ti serve un po di materiale io sono a disposizione, basta chiedere scrivendo all'indirizzo che e-mail che ti ho mandato. Penso che ci vediamo a Natale a Valvori altrimenti fatti sentira. Ciao Alessandro
Tuesday 4 December 2001 16:44 GMT

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