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Alberto Gallone |
R.I.P.... Uncle Benny x
Sunday 29 April 2012 15:19 GMT - Redcar, Yorkshire.

Chiara Minotti nipote Lucia Flanagan (Gallone) |
Cerco Elisa o Patricia Flanagan di Long Eaton sono la nipote di Yolanda Winfred Flanagan in Curti.
Friday 20 April 2012 16:11 GMT - Frosinone

Saturday 14 April 2012 15:58 GMT - tyneside

Louisa Rossi |
Is Eugenio Rossi in the pic on the history page?
Monday 12 March 2012 22:11 GMT - glasgow, Scotland, UK

sf |
Lowrence Copeman. Your Nonno Gelsomino (My first cosin) passed away few years ago.But your Nonna Cecilia lives in Turin and goes to Valvori most summers with her son, one of her sisters lives in Valvori, and the other lives in Tyneside.
Saturday 7 January 2012 21:46 GMT - cambridge

sf |
yes I would like to read the chapter from your book
Saturday 7 January 2012 21:37 GMT - Cambridge

Karl DiMascio |
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any photos of Valvori during the war years - especially showing the people. Oh and Happy New Year to all :)
Tuesday 3 January 2012 23:26 GMT - United Kingdom

Renhabt |
Hello, I am looking for some assistance on my friends family line. The person I am researching is Ersilia Notarianni born Dec. 1924 /mother's maiden name Rossi. I do know that there are many many people in that bloodline in Valvori...but I have come up empty when trying to figure out her actual birth parents names. I believe she had a brother or cousin Giuseppe that lived until the 80's. And another possible sister is Antonietta who married Enrico Di Mascio of Ipswich, Suffolk. Giuseppe, I believe was a tax collector in Monte Cassino many years back. He made his own wine and owned a bar/restaurant in town that everyone would eat and then in the evenings clear out and move the tables in the street to play cards into the night. He may have a spouse or child named Alga? Any information or leads would be a tremendous help!!!
Tuesday 3 January 2012 05:31 GMT - California

David Bolton | |
I have recently published a book in which I have written a chapter about the Verrecchia family in Bristol and their late lamented icecream business. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to send them the chapter.
David Bolton
Monday 28 November 2011 09:50 GMT

To the Webmaster Luca DiMascio:
Is this site temporarily inactive or just simply kaput?
Thursday 27 October 2011 22:43 GMT

Webmaster comments   The site isn't even finished, just don't have time to do it right now. It's kinda just sitting there waiting till I get round to it.

HartlessBeest |
Anybody home?? :(
Saturday 27 August 2011 22:58 GMT - USA

HartlessBeest |
Why are my comments not being accepted on this Guestbook?
Wednesday 6 July 2011 22:13 GMT - USA

Webmaster comments   It's because they must be approved by me... and I don't check the messages every day

HartlessBeest |
Hello Meg Rossi.
I am glad and surprised you finally got my message. Please contact me at the e-mail address below and I will supply you with the information you want. Thank you.
> <
Monday 4 July 2011 22:39 GMT - USA

Buongiorno, sono giovanni gallone, il figlio di Luigi.La mia zia e Ida Gallone e Antonio Rossi.
Il mio cugino e Gianluca et Giovanna.
Thursday 23 June 2011 21:35 GMT - Loiret,France

Meg Rossi |
Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I don't check this site very much nowadays! Any information regarding Romeo would be so great! Thank you
Saturday 11 June 2011 10:25 GMT - NZ

Calling Meg Rossi!
I have information on Romeo A. Gallone. Please respond on this site and I will provide you with the location where you can contact him. Best wishes to you and family.
Thursday 14 April 2011 00:45 GMT

William DiMascio |
Hi! I was born and raised in Philadelphia as were my father, Albert, and his brother, Vincent (both now deceased). Their mother's family included Raymond, Walter, Pauline, Angelo and Maria. I have no idea when when they came to the U.S. -- probably around 1900. If any of those names sound familiar, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Otherwise, best wishes to the broad DiMascio family, whoever and wherever you are!
Wednesday 12 January 2011 18:06 GMT - Philadelphia, PA

Elissa Galloway |
Re the Gallone sisters mentioned by Lawrence Copeman: My nonna was Lucia Gallone (married and became Flanagan). She had sisters Elvira (Di Mascio), Gelsomina, Colomba (Verrecchia),Francesca, Melania, and some brothers whose names I forget. If you would like any more info, please let me know
Friday 20 August 2010 14:42 GMT - Nottingham

In reply to M.
I posted that I was proud that my dad was born in Valvori and I feel legitimated in many ways. Personal reasons moved me in to feeling the need to say that, dad did achieve things in life through abnegation and sacrifice thus is the beacon of my life.
Do you still feel the need to criticize me by saying that one shouldn’t feel pride in where one is born but what one has achieved? Suffice to say I think not.
Sunday 8 August 2010 13:21 GMT - western europe

Oliver Di Mascio |
Valvori has a special place in my heart!
Wednesday 4 August 2010 12:13 GMT - Varese

HartlessBeest |
Come on folks is time to liven up this message board.
Sunday 25 July 2010 21:37 GMT - USA

Mathew (pasquale gallone's nephew) |
i am travelling into the rome area and would like to access Vallerotonda but there doesnt seem to be public transport access, can any one help me please?
Saturday 19 June 2010 20:32 GMT - UK

Laura Passi |
Hi guys. I'm doing a project for university about my family Rossi's that came over to England before the 2nd world war and opened ice cream parlors. I'd like to speak to anyone who is a part of the family. There seems to be a lot of different Rossi's who set up ice cream places in the UK but I'm trying to specifically trace my family from Valvori. the Rossi's first names were, Jack, Rita, Andy, Sam, Laura. I'd be grateful if anyone could help!
Wednesday 5 May 2010 16:17 GMT - London

Luca i think its about time you put some new photos on this f in site
Friday 23 April 2010 15:56 GMT - Sunderland

Webmaster comments   Never mind new photos, I never even finished the site!

Sylvia Muir |
To Paul Fella. Hey Paul, just looked at the photograph of the Rossi family that you posted (photo dated 1929). R you related to the Rossi family. That's my mums family, her name was Lidia Rossi (she passed away last year). Her sisters are Anna, Maria, both still living in Valvori and her sister Guilia is living in Margate. Haven't visited Valvori for over 25 years, would love to get in touch with some of the family again.
Wednesday 17 March 2010 22:54 GMT - Loch Lomond, Scotland

Lawrence Copeman |
i'm really curious about the names my mum mentions melania Di mascio's sisters (and possible brotheres) gelsomina silvera columba francesca and lucia? i know that they were probbaly gallone's, but as they are all sisters they might of changed their last names. info would be greatly appeciated
Wednesday 17 March 2010 09:48 GMT - bedford

Lawrence Copeman |
does anyone know people connected to my nonna cecilia and nonno gelsomino fella does anone know info (ps this is gabriella copemans son, who sent a message 4 years ago )
Tuesday 16 March 2010 12:07 GMT - Bedford

Annina Wooding (nee Rodi) |
Hi everyone

My parents (Teresina now 95 years old and Vincenzo Rodi deceased) were from Vallerotonda and I was born there. My mother's maiden name was Notarianni, if you have any information connected with this family please share it with me. My grandfather was Angelo Rodi but I don't know anything more about him ie whether he had any brothers or sisters. If you know anything about his family please let me know. I now live in South East England as my parents and I moved here in around 1938 if that helps.

Hope someone out there can help fill in the gaps.
Monday 8 February 2010 13:37 GMT - South East Kent

barry langford |
My mother worked at Notarianni's ince cream parlour in Sunderland during the war - she was treated like a member of the family. I am searching for a photo of the parlour (the Sunderland one, rather than the one at Seaburn) for my mum, who is now 86. Does anyone have such a picture?, or a picture of the family?
Wednesday 3 February 2010 17:39 GMT - London

Ann Tatangelo | |
Hi, I don't have any photos of Valvori on my website but many of the surrounding towns.
Thursday 28 January 2010 14:01 GMT - Sora, Frosinone

karen dimascio |
hi!!my dad is tony dimascio with brothers steve,david(passed)and two more who names i'm unsure of,sisters joan(passed)victoria(passed).we live in poole in dorset but tony is from charminster grandad was dominico and my nan was nelly.if anybody knows anything about my family then please get in touch.thankyou
Tuesday 26 January 2010 22:53 GMT - poole

karen |
Tuesday 26 January 2010 22:49 GMT - dorset

MARCOS Gilbert |
Je recherche l'acte de mariage de Giuseppe GALLONE et Cosima DI MASCIO, mariés entre 1880et 1893. Merci de votre aide
Friday 8 January 2010 17:35 GMT

alexander secondino donald |
been a long while
Saturday 28 November 2009 15:23 GMT - Scotland

MaryAnn Rossetti |
Hi I found you thru facebook.Would like to know if my family came from Valvori? How could I find out?
Wednesday 4 November 2009 08:00 GMT - Browns Mills NJ

Francis Gomm |
I attended St Helens RC Primary School, Southend between 1954 and 1960 and I recall a 'Rossi' girl in my class and huge vats of ice cream arriving for our Christmas parties! Who was this young girl, probably born in 1949 or 1950 and where is she now? I recall that she took dancing lessons!
Monday 17 August 2009 14:58 GMT - Buckinghamshire

Bruna Ferrari (granddaughter of Adelina & Leonello Di Mascio |
Hi to Sylvia Muir, great to hear that you have a painting by my grandmother, may I ask which one and how you came by it?
Saturday 8 August 2009 17:40 GMT - Bromley, Kent

Earth Quake |
Has the nearby earth quake affected anyone or place in valvori?
Tuesday 7 April 2009 13:47 GMT - scotland glasgow

Would like you all to know that I'll soon be buying the whole place and making it into a ghost train themepark to create employment for the people in the cemetary..and maybe the ones who aren't, if they have the motivation.
Wednesday 1 April 2009 19:14 GMT

A person should be proud only of what they achieve in life. Not what they are born as.
Wednesday 1 April 2009 19:00 GMT

lorenzo |
Hi. just want to say that i'm proud to be a Notarianni and proud that my father is from valvori. Bye
Monday 23 March 2009 21:42 GMT - the world

peter |
high i have an art work by adelina di mascio is it the same person that lived on the piazza
Tuesday 25 November 2008 14:07 GMT - london

Andrew Coulson |
Last May I asked for any info on my great grandparents Di Mascio & Verrecchia from Vallerotonda.. so this month we went to find out more!

We did a lot of hunting and asking, found too many confusing graves in Cardito - lots of those killed in the massacre of 28th December 1943 were Di Mascio's (26 out of 42) and no Verrecchia families in Atina (despite old family rumours!)

we are keeping looking, Valvori was lovely, but my wife now wants to buy somewhere in Picinisco!!

If anyone has info on Welsh Di Mascio's I'd like to hear from them. Many thanks.
Friday 24 October 2008 18:28 GMT - Yorkshire, UK

Tim Kilcoyne |
Hi Everyone,
I have seen a few posts already of people looking for anyone in Italy before they go on a trip there. I am leaving to go to Italy for the first time in a couple of weeks and would like to know any info on the Dimascio Family.
Sunday 12 October 2008 00:04 GMT - California

Carlo Di Mascio |
Hello to everyone in Valvori. Just read a post by Lucia Christina. Silvio Di Mascio from Valvori is my father so if you would like to kno anything more please get in touch.
Thursday 18 September 2008 10:51 GMT - Portsmouth UK

sabrina mitchell ne familio
ciao a tutti!!! im sabrina the eldest granddaughter of the most beloved and ever loving and caring ida and antonio rossi- rip. iam guiseppinas only daughter and im coming to valvori on sunday 20th july only for a day and eve as im travelling through with my husband rob and my mum and dad...i just wanted to show rob valvori and see my grandparents graves....i also want to see my zio rinaldo and zia pina and cousins giovanna and gian lucca !!!!i love the warm hospitality of the valvori people and i look forward to enjoying my short but sweet time here. i have many fond happy memories as a child and all those happy memories will be flooding back .....happiness and sadness ...on a high note i shall be there and i will some point come over for a week or two in the very nearer future. regards to all and i shall be looking forward to coming to valvori....
Tuesday 15 July 2008 21:55 GMT - keighley west yorkshire england

Lauren DiMascio
Hi everyone!!! This is so interesting I just started researching DiMascio and i've found all this stuff. I saw a post a while ago from a DiMascio who emigrated to Boston from Petterano Sul Gizio. That's where my dad and aunt were born and we also live in the Boston area. I'm going to Italy for the first time ever this summer and hoping to find some DiMascio's that may be distant relatives. I can't wait!
Saturday 10 May 2008 03:42 GMT - Watertown, Ma

Hey Everybody :) I just thought it was interesting to see other DiMascio's fathers name was Frank...get back to me if you know anything..
Thursday 8 May 2008 04:27 GMT

Libby di Mascio |
My great grandfather was Pasquale di Mascio who treavelled through Europe to UK with (I think) his wife Julia/or Theresa. On the way they gave birth to Julia di Mascio in France. Pasquale was a street organ player and they setled in London. Julia was my nona and I decided to take the di Mascio name after 2 divorces. I have never been to Valvori but I would love to, maybe some of you are my distant cousins. I love the website.
Wednesday 30 April 2008 13:28 GMT - East Sussex

Teresa Rossi |
Can anyone tell me the christian names of the Rossi Family pictured on the Valvori History page in the section named Ice Cream in England?
Monday 28 April 2008 21:50 GMT - UK

Matthew Rossi | visiting valvori this agosto with my cugino Christopher Rossi. we have never been in agosto before we have always come in ottobre or novembre and we cannot wait as we have heard so much about valvori in father is natalino rossi and christopher's dad is john cugini in the village is gianluca rossi and giovanna rossi whos father is rinaldo rossi and mother is giuseppina.i look forward to seeing everyone in the village and i can show you all how to drink and party hard! haha
Sunday 6 April 2008 18:42 GMT - Coventry, England

Chris Rossi
Provero' parlare (se si "parla" sull'internet) in italiano per questo messaggio! Il mio italiano fa forse schivo.

Io e mio cugino Matthew andiamo a Valvori agosto. Io sono il figlio di John Rossi e mio cugino e' il figlio di Natalino. Io e mio cugino siamo i nipoti di Antonio Rossi e Ida Gallone, valvoresi veri. Soggiorniamo per circa 12 giorni nel paese.

Speriamo di visitare i nostri parenti che vivono la', come Gianluca, il nostro cugino. E vorremmo andare a Roma (so che ci saranno milioni di persone ma la citta' mi piace ) e le spiaggie, forse di Gaeta.

Allora, suppongo che questa sia la fine del messaggio.

Tuesday 1 April 2008 22:58 GMT - Northern Kent

Lucia Christina (Lucille) MacKinnon |
Saw a post from Karl DiMascio saying Hi to a cousin Debbie. I think that your Grandfather Leonello and my Grandfather Fiorintino DiMascio were cousins. This is such a small world!
Thursday 17 January 2008 11:40 GMT - Glasgow

Lucia Christina (Lucille) MacKinnon |
Hi, the Valvori website is brill. I, like Verity Teresa Beacock DiMascio, used to holiday in Valvori as a child. For years I have wanted to return and finally this year a deam is going to be a reality. I am returning in March with my youngest daughter Nicola, and look forward to meeting relatives I havent seen in years.
My Great Grandparents were Christina and Felice DiMascio, and my Grandparents were Lucia and Fiorintino DiMascio. I am the daughter of Annina DiMascio (Married name Turanski), and my second cousins are Remo, Idilo and Leonardo Fella, and Silvio DiMascio.
See you all soon!
Wednesday 16 January 2008 09:24 GMT - Glasgow

vena v |
please contact me anthony valente,my father anthony hart was the son of vena valente from scarbrough,his sister chris (my aunty) married fredo minchella,then they moved to south sheilds,chris and fred and anthony hart are sadly no longer with us,george valente son of john valente is still kicking about scarboro,but ive never seen george for a few years now ,so anthony if yer ever see this message i would be pleased to hear from you,or if anyone can put me in touch with this family member i would appreciate it very much
Wednesday 9 January 2008 16:49 GMT - north east uk

Katiuscia Notarianni |
Auguro Buon 2008 a tutti quelli che mi conoscono.Scrivetemi.Ciao
Monday 31 December 2007 17:25 GMT

Vena V |
My Father was michael valentes cousin
Tuesday 25 December 2007 17:16 GMT - north east uk

Vena V |
my father Anthony Hart was from Scarbrough our familly walked from casino
Tuesday 25 December 2007 17:13 GMT - north east uk

tom&ilvana |
we wish everbody we know
buon natale &happy new year:
Tuesday 18 December 2007 13:59 GMT - coventry

Karl DiMascio |
Hi all, I am Karl DiMascio, son of Julia DiMascio and Grandson of Leonello. I have just noticed my cousin left a message (Tuesday 18 September 2007). Hi Debbie, not seen you for a while, hope you are well. Any plans to re-visit Valvori or the UK for that matter?
Sunday 25 November 2007 03:28 GMT - UK London




Please visit our site!
We're the Rock'n'roll star of Valvori!

Sunday 14 October 2007 14:08 GMT - Valvori

remo rossi |
the banjo player still wants to know how are things in san giuseppe
Saturday 6 October 2007 21:29 GMT - england

Botteghe Oscure
Nulla da eccepire tranne il fatto che non è giustificata la nostra assenza da questo bel sito. Luca !?! che ne dici???
Sunday 30 September 2007 19:27 GMT

Debbie Mulliner nee O'Leary |
I used to visit every year when I was little as my grandparents (Leonello and Adelina DiMascio) lived on the piazza.
Tuesday 18 September 2007 15:06 GMT - Cape Town, South Africa

Nicola MacKinnon |
My mum and I are coming to Valvori in March to visit family, and were just wondering how easy it is to get to? We arrive into Cassino by train, and weren't sure whether we would maybe need to hire a car or something...??

Any help would be greatly appreciated x x
Sunday 2 September 2007 21:19 GMT - Glasgow

Attilio DiMascio Jr. |
Always good to hear of a fellow DiMascio. I don't think we have any recent relations as my family hails from Pettorano Sul Gizio a small village outside Sulmona. Much of my family emigrated to the Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area in the middle of the 20th century and that is where I live. Great site and all the best to you and your family.
Tuesday 21 August 2007 21:54 GMT - Boston, MA, USA

Sally Kraus |
I liked your site.
Monday 2 July 2007 08:41 GMT - Boston

Meg Rossi | Grandad - Luigi Rossi asked me to try and find his cousin Romeo A. Gallone. He used to be in contact with him and wants to find him again. He thinks that Romeo is in America and I would be greatful if anyone could offer me some help in putting them back in contact- from what I hear they used to get up to a lot of mischief together ! Any information regarding Romeo would be greatly appreciated.Grazie ~ Meg Rossi
Monday 4 June 2007 07:08 GMT - New Zealand

Andrew Coulson |
Hello from Yorkshire!
I am trying to trace my family; great-grand father was Fillipo Di Mascio (from Valleroronda), married Maria Giuseppa Verrecchia (thought to be from Atina) around 1897/8 and lived in Cardito di Vallerotonda. My grandmother Christina Di Mascio was born there but the family emigrated to Wales in early 1900's. (Where Fillipo ran an ice cream business in summer and roast chestnuts in winter!)

Does anyone in Valleroronda/ Cardito/ Atina have links or know of this branch of the family?

Many thanks for the site and the help!

Thursday 10 May 2007 14:56 GMT - North Yorkshire

Ernesto Di Meo
Ciao a tutti lgi amici !!!
Friday 13 April 2007 11:44 GMT - Sunderland

Sylvia Muir (Donald/Rossi) |
What a really nice surprise coming accross this website. My mum is from Valvori. Most of her family still live there although unfortunately we have no contact. Her sisters are Maria and Anna and I see a mention of Teddy's bar, I believe this maybe my mums cousin. My cousin Dorina and hubby Adrianne also get a mention, I spent most of my summer holidays as a youngster visiting them in Coventry before they went back to Italy. Would love to hear from family in Valvori, especially my cousin Gabriella. My mum Lidia lives in Scotland and my brothers are Alex, John, Marc and a sister Anne-Marie. We are all married with kids now and would love for them to know all their cousins and extended family.
Sunday 8 April 2007 15:09 GMT - West Scotland

LuAnn Heath |
Hi everyone. My Great Grandfather was Nicolas Dimascio, born July 21, 1889. His registration card says he was born in Caponio D. Jeiore. Have been trying to find some family etc. Hany ideas? He resided in Monessen, PA. USA in later years
Friday 6 April 2007 19:39 GMT - Ventura, CA

Tim Kilcoyne |
Just trying to find where my family of Dimascio comes from.
Friday 6 April 2007 16:51 GMT - California

Fabrizio Fella |
Just a message to my brother Dom, get a job ya bum!
Wednesday 21 March 2007 18:00 GMT - Scotland

lemesre rita |
hello would like to ask any of the family gallone of there ansesctors i am maltese and my mother spoke of a family tree related to gallone would like to finf out more if any of there family hah maltese connection thank you
Thursday 15 March 2007 23:28 GMT - malta

Di Mascio Joan e Aquilino |
Che vediamo in Agosto tutti Valvorese Salute tutti.
Friday 2 March 2007 23:27 GMT - Sunderland England

Jim Dobson |
I liked your site
Tuesday 20 February 2007 05:33 GMT

Wednesday 14 February 2007 20:15 GMT - TIERRA VERDE FLORIDA USA

Giancarlo N. DiMascio
Hey people, my name is giancarlo dimascio and my parets orlando and ida are from valvori.just want to let people know tahst its an awsome place. i visit once here and there but i live now in america in massachussetts
Tuesday 13 February 2007 01:48 GMT

A few entries ago Gina Vettese wrote 'and Bar Teddy is the BEST place in the World!!' You lost your mind? Its awful there. There are places in Brixton High street that are much better!!!
Sunday 4 February 2007 17:33 GMT - Brixton

marco camilleri
sorry guys i,m still a tit
Saturday 27 January 2007 17:45 GMT - london

Gina Vettese
Ciao Valvori! Love this site, love valvori so much, and Bar Teddy is the BEST place in the World!! Hello To EveryOne there! Love you Valvori! x x x x x x Ps) See You Soon! :D
Saturday 13 January 2007 19:56 GMT - England : (

marco gallone |
dude update this site even though nothing much went down this xmass
Friday 12 January 2007 19:01 GMT - leeds

t brakewell |
i wish tutti (valvorese) a happy new year
and anybody else that khows us tom &ilvana
(via marconi&teddys bar
Friday 12 January 2007 17:26 GMT - coventry

Anthony Valente |
My family originated from the villages of San Antonino and San Michele near Cassino. They settled in Sunderland and South Shields, UK, at the turn of the century (20th). I know we have married into Notarianni family and I also recall my father (Ernesto) talk about the Fellas (nicely). We moved to Weymouth, Dorset, UK circa 1946. My brother is named Michael. My sisters are Chris, Teresa, Anita and Maria. My mother was called Maria Civita. Is there anybody out there in cyberspace that knows us? I visited Valvori once as a callow youth and remember it fondly. I return to the Cassino area whenever I can, but it's a long haul from Texas.
Sunday 1 October 2006 23:33 GMT - San Antonio, Texas, USA

Elissa Galloway |
Message to Gabriella Copeman. I remember your Nonna very well. She came down to stay with us many years ago and spent hours in the kitchen cooking huge meals.I think we also went to her house in Valvori once. Can't remember meeting you or your parents though. Great to hear from a relative as we've lost touch with everyone now.
Thursday 7 September 2006 19:29 GMT - Nottingham

Gabriella Copeman
Message to Elisa Galloway
My nonna Melania Was one of 6 sisters,
Gelsomina, Silvira, Columba, Francesca and your Nonna Lucia.
Monday 4 September 2006 08:17 GMT - Bedford, England

Elissa Galloway(nee Flanagan) |
Message to Robert Gallone, Hitchin. Are you the nephew of Lucia Gallone of Skegness? She was my nonna,my parents' names were Giulio and Barbara. Would be good to get in contact with you again!
Saturday 19 August 2006 15:52 GMT - Nottingham, England

Meg Rossi |
message for Gian Carlo Rossi- Ciao i tried 2 send you some pictures but it didnt work but i will keep trying.thanks again for all the stuff you sent i am going 2 send it 2 my grandad(luigi) soon.bye.
Thursday 17 August 2006 04:39 GMT - New Zealand

Barbara |
my husband is a Dimascio by mistake, when his family came to perth australia they did'ny speak english and when he was born the nurse wrote down an o at the end instead of an a.they are Dimascia from castelmauro campobasso,so I find it quite wierd to acctually have real dimascios out there all over the world.his cousins are all spelt differently.some de some di and ending with both o and a. has anyone else had this experience.
Saturday 29 July 2006 14:49 GMT - perth australia

Stephen DiMascio
Hi to all.
Monday 10 July 2006 22:31 GMT - Manomet MA USA

vania edwards
hello to everyone who knows me
Monday 10 July 2006 18:49 GMT - longfield kent

Alberto Gallone Redcar, Yorkshire.
24 anni, finalmente. Saluti a tutti, caio
Sunday 9 July 2006 23:27 GMT - Berlin, Germania.

Alberto Gallone
Forza Italia, Forza Azzurri, Yes, Yes, Yes !!!
Tuesday 4 July 2006 23:54 GMT - Redcar, Yorkshire.

Nico Di.Mascio |
Ciao/hello Olga,Nonna,Dino,Jessica and everyone. How have you been?
Just wanted to say hello because we haven't been in touch for a long time and i have been missing all of you so much and hope we can see you all real soon. Love Nico Di.Mascio
Tuesday 4 July 2006 10:53 GMT - Portsmouth

Amanda MacKinnon |
Hello, I just found this site and find it fantastic. My Gran's family were from Valvori and their surname was Di Mascio which i see lots of people mentioning. They moved to Scotland where she met my Polish Grandpa (Turanski). I need to find out more about my family history and this lovely place.
Saturday 24 June 2006 11:01 GMT - Glasgow, Scotland

Gian Carlo Rossi |
Message for Meg Rossi. Have some photos that would be of interest to you but cannot get them to your web account. Send an e-mail to my address and I will scan and send. Also have info. on your family from my family as we are related.


Gian Carlo
Sunday 4 June 2006 20:33 GMT - London

grossi |
Sunday 4 June 2006 20:28 GMT

marco benedetto leadbitter
Ciao, its Marco here i am Benedetto Notarianni's Great Grandson. I am friends with Di Maccio (Ermelindo) family. I visit Valvori often and love BAR TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday 2 June 2006 22:05 GMT - Sunderland

Gian Carlo Rossi |
Grandparents on my father's side Gennaro Rossi and Almerinda DiMascio came from Valvori. Visited a lot up till the age of 21, but not so much now. Having said that, been the last three years but might not make it this year. Many, many fond memories.
Wednesday 12 April 2006 16:44 GMT - London

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