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About Valvori

What is Valvori?

Valvori is a mountain village in southern Italy, a one time inaccessible little town that within living memory was cut off from the world, the first road to Valvori being built in the pre-war years. Previously the only access was by foot along ancient mountain trails. Valvori is at a height of 453m above sea level, with higher mountains on three sides, a wilderness area in the gorge of the "Rapido River" forms a deep split between Valvori and Vallerotonda. In the centre of the valley you will find an ancient stone bridge from the Roman era.

Where is Valvori?

Situated in the Lazio region of Italy, about half way between Rome and Naples (closer to Naples) the town of Valvori sits on the side of a mountain, among the stunning Abruzzi mountains. The area is known as "La Ciociaria", with its charming valleys and peaceful mountains, is rich in history and folklore, and "La Ciocia", the ancient sandal with thongs laced up the leg, is still made throughout the region.

Valvori is about 8km from the nearest city, Cassino, site of the famous abbey of Montecassino which was destroyed during World War 2. Now rebuilt, the monastery is visible, as part of the magnificent view of the liri valley, below Valvori.

History of Valvori

Valvori has evolved rapidly from a small traditional farming community to include many varied and interesting people. Valvori is the most cosmopolitan town in the area, it has become a place frequented by people from many different countries and backgrounds, the rich, the famous and the infamous.

People of Valvori

There are many interesting and unusual characters that make up Valvori, who, at first contact can seem rather strange. This is part of the irrelevant character of the population, Instantly identifiable as "Valvorese" they are exuberant, generous, loyal and tenacious. The town has many English speaking inhabitants and strong ties with England where many of the people have emigrated over the last 60 years, returning on vacation every year at Christmas or in August.

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